40 WhatsApp Hiden Features Tips & Tricks to Know in 2020

Aha! The user of WhatsApp and still don’t know about it? Well, it’s not a big deal now you are here at the right place. Here you will get several tips and tricks that you can apply and can enjoy the app. The thing we use we must know his entire feature.

Whatsapp is an amazing app that gives you all in one app. You can message, call, voice call, video call, voice note, share files they are some prominent features or Cool WhatsApp Tricks which is known to a simple user as well. But the thing is what it contains inside it? Why it is more preferable from other messaging apps? you will get an answer to such a question here.

If you are using Best WhatsApp Tips for personal or professional, sometimes you look new updates in the app, sometimes you can’t notice the changes made by WhatsApp and you don’t even know how to use them, for your ease we are explaining all the features and tricks.

You must be curious to know what is it that you don’t know about Cool WhatsApp Tricks and we do know. Don’t be curious as it’s the end of your curiosity. Let’s begin

 1. Can Have Back up of Your WhatsApp Chats 

Whatsapp is the most popular app nowadays which makes you free to send a message or to stay in contact with only one app. The backup feature makes you feel secure as if you lose your device or mobile on which you were using WhatsApp has been misplaced by you, just log in to the same account, so you can easily back up your data by WhatsApp back up option. Back yup secure your chat your document or the media you have on WhatsApp. You can change the backup time and can also make changes to the backup settings.

Let’s Have a Look for Android Phone

Can Have Back up of Your WhatsApp Chats

As you can see in the image above how you can change the setting according to your desire?

You can back up your data including videos, or if you don’t need to have back up in your phone so you can do this easily.

Setting Details for iPhone is Given in the Below Image

Can Have Back up of Your WhatsApp Chats iPhone

 2. Share Documents Directly from Google Drive and iCloud drive into a WhatsApp Chat 

You can share the documents while you are an android user or an iPhone user. You can share documents easily as an android mobile uses Google drive and the iPhone uses cloud drive. When you go to your drive whether Google or iCloud you will have a share icon option, through which you can easily share your device the image given will clear you more. WhatsApp gives you an option through which you want to share the document

Share documents directly from Google drive and iCloud drive into a whatsapp chat

 3. Search all Chats without Scrolling 

You can search all of your chats without scrolling down, you want to search something that someone has sent you and now you want it but you don’t want to scroll down and search who has to send you and when don’t worry WhatsApp provides you the facility to search the required thing you want. In Android mobile, there is a search icon or on iPhone, there is a search bar above the chats. There you can search the thing and you will go to that chat which has sent you, let’s have an image as an example;

Search all whatsapp Chats without Scrolling

 4. Search a Specific Chat in Search Bar 

You can also search a specific friend or contact from your chat window as you want to send him/her an urgent message and don’t want to scroll down so you can easily find him/her by searching their name in the search bar, by clicking on search icon you will have a list of contact with the same name, choose the one to whom you want to message and then you will in the chat window of that person.

 5. Broadcast a Single WhatsApp Message to all Your Contact 

A message you want to send to your whole contacts, it might be news, an invitation or a document you want to send more than 3 to 4 people at the same time. You can do this easily as New WhatsApp Feature Send to all features allows you to do that you just have to type the message.

Broadcast a Single WhatsApp Message to all Your Contact
Broadcast a Single WhatsApp Message to all Your Contact
Broadcast a Single WhatsApp Message to all Your Contact

You can broadcast your message with only 5 contacts at a time, but you can maker different broadcast list and also name them like family, friends, colleagues, etc.

 6. Send an Invitation Through WhatsApp 

You can create an invitation card by yourself as the others card are costly and also saves much time you can send an invitation by your Cool WhatsApp without consumption of time or any money. If you are creative then you can use the status upload portion there you can use the tools toggle and can add text. Without uploading it take a screenshot, crop it and send as an invitation card to others.

Send an invitation through whatsapp

You can broadcast it or can send by selecting your contacts. You can this type of invitations mostly on birthday events, any news, or on small events.

 7. Send Location to Contact 

By using New WhatsApp Version you can send location to others, can guide them the right way to the place by sending the location you can trace it and get reach to the place without any trouble. You can send it easily there is an attachment icon in your text typing place or in your keyboard by clicking on it you will get the option share location by Google map, you can share your current location or can also send location of another place.

Send Location to Contact

 8. Can See and Turn off Last Seen 

Last seen is an amazing feature of WhatsApp through which you can see who has seen your message and who hasn’t yet. If you are busy and don’t want to reply to anyone then you can hide your last seen so people will not get to know that you have seen the message or not. Well! If you hide you’re last seen you will not be able to watch others last seen as well.

now, let’s have a look how you can turn off last seen or how you can see, Well to see someone’s last seen is not a big deal the person whose last seen you want to see, open up the chat window, there you will see last seen and time below the person or contact name. or you can change your last seen in the settings as shown:

Can see and turn off last seen
Can see and turn off last seen

 9. Tick Marks 

The tick mark feature in WhatsApp let you know that on which state does your message stays. As it has three conditions in doing this:

  • If your message got double tick, it means that your message has been delivered to the person but is not been seen by the person.
  • If you see blue tick marks on your message it means that your message has been seen by the person.
  • If you got a single tick on your message, it means your message has not been delivered to that person well; there are many reasons behind a single tick we will discuss later.

These tick mark helps you out whether who is ignoring you, and your message is delivered or not.

whatsapp Tick marks

Or if you got a timer sign on your message it means your message hasn’t left your mobile due to some connection error such as:

What do the ticks mean

You can also hide the ticks from getting as you don’t want to mark the message as seen you can go to settings and can change it according to you. Open the WhatsApp Account setting and change it as shown in the image:

What do the ticks mean

As by changing the read receipts you can stop the ticks to get blue, by doing this you will also not be able to check whether the message you have sent is seen or not. 

 10. Find Who You Talk the Most on WhatsApp 

You can also find the one to whom you talk the most. This feature will make you easy to find the data consumption and can also find out the storage usage by the video and photos you have received from your contacts. By knowing this you can save your data usage by doing some setting and can also know which group or chat consumes more data.

Find Who You Talk the Most on WhatsApp
Find Who You Talk the Most on WhatsApp

The top one chat will tell you to whom you talk the most and get your free space filled with photos and videos send by them.

 11. Change Wallpaper on WhatsApp 

You can change the wallpaper of your chat window as of your desire it also contains by default wallpaper but if you don’t like them you can also change them with your personal images or with any kind of wallpaper you want in the background to make it good looking for use. Well you can set the wallpaper by going into settings.

Change Wallpaper on WhatsApp

By the image, you will be clear that how you can change the wallpaper you can choose any of the following options in the image. You can choose wallpaper from the gallery; you also have the option to select from by default or you can choose no wallpaper option. It totally depends on your choice, WhatsApp this feature is amazing.

 12. Can Make a Group Chat 

Using WhatsApp you can make a group and can add the people you want in the group you can also add the unsaved numbers in the group. By making the group you can convey your message thoughts ideas at only one place you don’t have to send the same message one by one you have an option to make a group type a message and send it. Your message will be delivered to all you have added to the group.

WhatsApp Group Chat makes it easier to plan something for getting ideas on something, to discuss some study related or any topic on which you want suggestion, and you can make it for fun as you add all your friends in one place and can chit chat with them by sending only few messages.

Can Make a Group Chat

After making group you can name it and can also add emoji’s with the name. The image above will guide you that how you can make a group and how you can ad someone in the group.

 13. Can Remove any Contact from Group 

You can remove a group member only if you are admin of that group, sometime you make group temporarily for some certain issue, after the completion of purpose, it’s totally useless then. But some member still stay active in the group or some are offensive or rude with other members as well.  You can remove them.

Can Remove any Contact from Group
Can Remove any Contact from Group

By following the settings you can remove the participant of the member and can enjoy the group with other of the participants.

 14. Leave or Exit the WhatsApp Group 

You can also leave a group as you are fed up of getting notification and don’t want to be a part of group you can leave it by going in the setting and by clicking on the more option you will see leave group. Click on that then you will be able to leave the group and can save yourself from annoying notification which is useless for you.

Leave or Exit the WhatsApp Group

 15. Can Delete a WhatsApp Group? 

You can also delete a group you have created as an admin or can also delete the chat by leaving the group when you leave the group it will remain in your WhatsApp chat window. If you want to free up space in your mobile or don’t want to keep the group in your chat list you can simply delete it or as an admin you can also delete it for example you have made a group for some purpose and the purpose is completed after the completion of purpose the group is total wastage so at that time you can easily delete a group, but first of all you have to remove the members from the group then you will delete the group.

Can Delete a WhatsApp Group

 16. Invite a Member to Group 

While making a group you must have to ask other that they would like to be a part of the group or not for this WhatsApp has introduced a feature which means that you can invite a member then it will be the choice of that person to accept your invite or to refuse it, the more ethical way to add someone in group. Now let us see how we can invite a person. Well this feature was later updated before this anyone can add you in the group, for this you have to do some setting so that you will get an invitation before getting added in the group.

Invite a Member to Group

 17. Mute Notifications From Group Chats 

The most pleasing feature of WhatsApp as the back to back coming notification irritates you as well as the person with you, you can’t keep you mobile silent all the time, for getting rid of such situation WhatsApp has bring ease to your life by giving mute notification option, by this you can mute the notification according to your choice you can turn it off for few hour for month for years or for indefinitely until you turn it on back.

Mute Notifications From Group Chats

 18. Can Reply to Specific Message 

While using WhatsApp messaging you can reply the person to his/her specific message by choosing the message, now the thing is how you can do that it’s very simple you just have to long press the message swipe it on right and there you go you can easily send reply to the message or if you don’t want to swipe then you can choose the option from the three dots in the above corner of your chat window. Here you will see reply privately, you can do it in private chat or can also do this in group chat also. In group chat it makes others easy to understand who is talking to them.

Can Reply to Specific Message

 19. Stop Images and Videos Appearing in your Gallery 

Stop Images and Videos Appearing in your Gallery

Having trouble of free space in your mobile phone? And want to get rid of it then you can change this in the setting option as Whatsapp is providing features friendly to you or also according to your desire. If you are a member of group and don’t use it as it’s not according to your taste, and you there just for your friend and can’t leave it so here’s the simple solution. You can stop getting images and videos or any media file from the group. Or from any private chat. Go to your setting section follow the instruction given you from the image it will help you out in making space and in getting rid of shared photos or videos.

If you set it on default, then you have to download it first in the chat then you will be able to see the shared video or photos.
If you choose the yes option then it will directly move to your gallery without asking you.

If you set the no option then it will stop the images, photos or any video from autosave from your chat to gallery whether it is a group or private chat?

 20. Change Automatic Saving for Private Chat 

The feature makes you feel free while using WhatsApp as you can change the setting for Personal chat by going in the chat window of the chat go to settings then follow the instruction given in the image if you are using mobile data you can choose what you want to automatic save in your gallery. When you are a wifi user you can select the required things you want to download. On roaming means you don’t any media file to get saved automatically in the gallery.

Change Automatic Saving for Private Chat

 21. Custom Notification 

Custom notification is a feature through which you can customize the setting whether you want to get notified or you just want that when a message comes only lights blink or you just want pop-ups to come with no sounds. You can select any of the options you want to choose as shown in the image;

WhatsApp Custom Notification
WhatsApp Custom Notification
WhatsApp Custom Notification

 22. Status Uploading Feature 

WhatsApp also contains WhatsApp Status uploading feature. As in status you can write anything can upload it, you can upload videos of max 30 sec or can also upload them in portions, you can upload any quote or anything you want to share with your contacts, you can also set the audience which you want to show your status or to whom you don’t want to. You can set your status privacy as well.

WhatsApp Status Uploading Feature
WhatsApp Status Uploading Feature
WhatsApp Status Uploading Feature
WhatsApp Status Uploading Feature

You can write your status or can upload an image by clicking on the camera icon you can upload an image as well as can also upload a video, you can see your status and also the one who has seen your status.

 23. Privacy Settings of Status WhatsApp Tips 

You can set the privacy setting according to your need, sometimes you just want that only few people can see your status update you can set them by given image; you can change your audience according to you sometimes you upload a status for your family only, sometimes it’s just for friends.  You can change the settings in the privacy section.

Privacy Settings of Status 2020

 24. Profile Picture WhatsApp Trick 

When you make an account on WhatsApp it gives you an option to upload a profile image on your account. So that it would be easy for your belongings to recognize your number. Well, you can set the privacy setting according to you; you can also hide your profile picture from unknown contact as for your security WhatsApp has got this feature, uploading an image as your profile is so easy as well as you can keep it protected too.

Profile Picture WhatsApp Trick

By keeping your profile photo protected you can choose any of the options shown in the image.

  • If you chose everyone then there is no privacy setting applied on your DP it will be shown to everyone known or unknown both can see it.
  • If you chose my contact option then only your saved contact will be allowed to see your profile picture. You have set the privacy o my contacts.
  • If you click on nobody means that no one will be allowed to watch out your dp as it is on privacy only you can see your profile picture.

By doing the following settings your profile photo is totally protected and is as secure as you want it to be as WhatsApp is the secured app to use.

 25. About on WhatsApp 

About is like you are giving your bio on a facebook or any other social platform, In about you can add your success any quote or anything you want other to think of you, it’s an interesting thing adding an about, about means to tell other‘s your thoughts or about you, when you make an account on WhatsApp you were asked to add bio, some people don’t add it , but the one who uses this feature are enjoying the features of WhatsApp.

About on WhatsApp 2020

You can write your about and can also set the setting of audience you want.

  • If you chose everyone then there is no privacy setting applied on your about it will be shown to everyone known or unknown both can see it.
  • If you chose my contact option then only your saved contact will be allowed to see your about. You have set the privacy on my contacts.
  • If you click on nobody means that no one will be allowed to watch out your about as it is on privacy only you can see your about.

It looks good when someone see you profile and read your about. Your about will attract the person and also leave a good impression on the one who visits your profile.

About on WhatsApp

As you can see in the image the options also given by default by WhatsApp as you are busy or any other you like to put as your about.or can also write it by yourself clicking on the pen icon.

 26. Turns Words Bold Italic or Strike Through 

You can change the font size or can also change them it can be bold, italic, or can strike through it can be in the status or can also be done when you copy paste something in clipboard you will have the option to change the font or can send the message in different style. Without wasting time let’s have a look how we can do this,

Turns Words Bold Italic or Strike Through
Turns Words Bold Italic or Strike Through
Turns Words Bold Italic or Strike Through

As shown in the image you can turn your text in which format you want it to be. As if you wanted bold, italic strikethrough you just have to click, it will be done in just your one click.

 27. Audio Video Call WhatsApp Feature 

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app you can also call using WhatsApp as it is a multi tasking app through which you can call anywhere where you want to call but the other must be on WhatsApp too. You can call audio as well as video call and can make your connection better with the one who are out of reach, as it doesn’t consume your balance,  you can also make a conference call either video or audio. Conference call means you can call ore than 3 to 4 people at a time, as people are using it for meeting purpose or it also works like friends gathering as it gathers all friends in just one call.

Audio Call

In the audio call you can do a voice call if you don’t want to share your video with others you can call them by tapping on the voice call option. Clear Voice Quality is delivered to others by the app.

Audio Video Call WhatsApp Feature


In video call you can watch the participant and can enjoy the best nonstop video call. It is used for many purposes as to see your loved ones who are away from you; you can discuss any topic by doing video-call. WhatsApp is an amazing featured app which brings happiness in others life.  You can either call from android to iPhone without having any trouble.

Audio Video Call WhatsApp Feature

Conference Audio Video Call

The conference brings a joyful happiness in WhatsApp users as they can call more than 2 or three contacts at a time without having trouble in connecting.

Audio Video Call WhatsApp Feature

As shown in the image you can also call from any android to apple as there will be no difference in the quality provided by WhatsApp to the user. This gives you HD quality audio- video conference call.

 28. WhatsApp Dark Mode 

In the dark mode you can change the settings and can make your app more beautiful as by using dark mode green would be converted into black, or you can also change the background or wallpaper as it also have a solid black colour in it which will make your background black and look’s more good to you if you are black lover then you are going to love the feature. It’s an upcoming feature of WhatsApp.

 29. Finger Unlocks System in WhatsApp New Cool Feature 

WhatsApp is also going to announce the finger lock system as to make your app more secure or to save your personal data, by finger locking only you can open your WhatsApp as you want to keep it private without sharing with other. well, WhatsApp brings up the new updates for the ease and comfort for the user now you don’t have to install another lock app on your mobile as it’s going to provide you with great security. You can select the option as you can see in the image, it depends on you that how long you want your screen to stay on, it can immediately lock your Cool WhatsApp Trick when you tap to go back.

Finger Unlocks System in WhatsApp New Cool Feature

If you chose out immediately then it will be locked in seconds after you go back of WhatsApp

If you chose one minute then you can reopen the app before 1 min otherwise it will get locked until you give it your fingerprint.

If you choose after 30minutes it means that you got no security threats as you can keep your WhatsApp open for 30 minutes after 30 minutes it will be locked if you are not using it.

 30. By Using Clipboard you Can Copy Status of Other 

As you can write your status by using clipboard you can also copy other’s status which you like or want to share with others also. People were used to taking a screenshot of others status and after cropping upload them as their status, sometimes you like them and wants to put it as yours, so you don’t have to worry as you can copy the quote or something and can paste it to your status with the help of clipboard as shown in the image.

By Using Clipboard you Can Copy Status of Other

 31. Download and View Your WhatsApp Data Report 

Download and View Your WhatsApp Data Report
Download and View Your WhatsApp Data Report

You can view and also Download Whatsapp data report in a very easy way, if you want to see your previous account settings and want to get download the data it will not contain the data of your messages, you can easily go to setting select the option as given in the image and you can view the report of Whatsapp, you can get the prepared report in three days after this you can download it but cannot see in WhatsApp itself. You have to  use another app or source to view the downloaded one

 32. Block or Report Contacts 

This feature is outstanding, if you are facing any problem or someone is annoying you by sending messages, again and again, to get of this you can simply bock the person with knowing him/her. The person will not be able to contact you anymore as Cool WhatsApp Tricks will block him/her on your account; you can also unblock the person if you have mistakenly blocked another person. The person can call you and can text you if you block that person then he/she will not be able to call or text you again.

Block or Report Contacts

 33. How to Run WhatsApp Web 

How to Run WhatsApp Web
How to Run WhatsApp Web

Now, you can also use your WhatsApp on desktop with the help of WhatsApp web feature you just have to scan your WhatsApp and then here is the display of your WhatsApp on your desktop screen, its exactly same in use as on android, you can send message can call, can record voice message, if you are working on your desktop screen you don’t have to pick your mobile up and then can reply to someone, you just have to switch the tab and you can use your WhatsApp.

After using WhatsApp on desktop you can also logout your account from the desktop, or if you forget to logout no problem you can do this by your android also.

 34. Can Send Voice Recordings 

Can send voice recordings

By using WhatsApp you can send and also can receive voice message by other contacts. if you are busy and can’t have time to type a message or your hands are busy so you can send a voice message by just taping on icon, you can also cancel it before sending or can also delete it, by sending voice message you can also convey your point in a valid way as compared to type a message.  

Blue color will let you that your message has been seen and grey tick will tell you that your message is not yet read by the receiver.

 35. Delete Message Before Read 

You can delete the message after being sent as you have sent it to the wrong person or you want to change your statement in the message now it’s very easy you can delete it in a certain period of time after sending it can be done in private or can be done in a group chat as you don’t want that someone sees your message you can immediately remove the message.you can remove it for everyone or can also delete it only for you.

Delete Message Before Read

 36. How to Clear all Chats? 

How to Clear all Chats WhatsApp

We can clear all chats at the same time we don’t have to do it one by one as it is very time consuming you can clear all chats as they are using your mobile space. You can clear them and can free up your android space or you can delete them with all media or if you want to keep the media but want to clear all the chats whether group or private you can do this easily. You can easily remove the chat history and can free your mobile from extra messages.

 37. How to Export Chat? 

You can also export chat you have got an option to export chat as you want to keep the back up of chat in a separate place you can smoothly export the chat without knowing the other participant. If you don’t want to lose the chat in any condition you can export it and can save it in different places.

How to Export Chat

In this way you can export chat and can keep the backup where you want to keep it.

 38. Starred Message 

You can also starred message as you can find it more easily in the starred message section or you can also say it as a bookmark, it will be easy for you to remember the required message and chat. It helps you a lot and keeps you save from the scrolling trouble or to read all the chat for that specific message. You can access the message you have starred for further usage.

WhatsApp Starred Message

 39. Archive All Chat 

If you don’t want someone to be in your chat window you can archive the chat as it remains safe you can send message to that contact and can also call him/her, but it will not appear in your chat window as it is hidden from your WhatsApp. If you are giving your phone to others and you don’t want that he or she see the one in your chat window you can make him archive. You can also archive one particular chat or can also archive all the chats.

Archive All Chat WhatsApp

 40. Instantly Add Dates to Your Calendar 

As WhatsApp itself add dates to the chat as it would be much easier for the user that on which date they have last talked or on which date the conversation was held, it no longer difficult to know at what date you were having a conversation with the other one as shown in the image.

Instantly add dates to your calendar

By the above explained feature you can enjoy WhatsApp with great leisure and ease, as it is the most used social platform nowadays, all are having a great time and an awesome communication app makes you connected with your loved without facing any trouble. Well, I hope you liked the article and it helped you out.

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